Try reading that as if it was in English: [varshaava]. There you go. You just perfectly pronounced the name of our city in Polish. It's an enormously exciting place with all flavors of culture, education and entertainment for you to enjoy beyond the conference, if only you know where to look. We'll give you a few insider tips on what to see, where to eat and drink.

Getting Around

Warszawa has a pretty efficient public transportation system, conveniently described in an official guide from the transportation authority. Read it for information on how lines are organized, tickets sold, validated and how luggage is handled.

A few most interesting items:

  • a regular ticket will cost you PLN 4.40 and is valid for unlimited transfers for 75 minutes; if you plan to take at least four rides within 24 hours you will be better off buying a 24-hour tickete for PLN 15.

  • there's no extra charge for luggage.

  • bus 165, stopping right at the Warsaw Plaza Hotel, will take you to the Metro Wilanowska station, where you can switch to the subway and head downtown.

  • use the excellent application jakdojade.pl to find routes wherever you want to get to. There are also iPhone and Android apps available.

Places to Experience

Logo of Warszawa

The City of Warszawa made planning your sightseeing extra easy by publishing the free WarsawTour app, both for iPhone and Android. It's a solid guide to the city, with options for short and long stays, historically-themed tours and featured family attractions.

The map below features an opinionated list of excellent experiences in cuisine, leisure and shopping from the conference team.