Networking is a big, big part of the conference, where the most active of the already quite restless Toastmasters members come together. We'll be making lots of space for you to meet some old friends and make plenty of new ones throughout the weekend.

We'll be posting events we have in stock for you shortly.

Meeting with Keynote Speaker George Yen DTM

Thursday, November 24
19:00 - 21:00
George Yen

Thursday evening will be a chance to meet up close with our Keynote Speaker and special guest George Yen DTM. Warszawa's Speaking Elephants Toastmasters Club will lead the meeting, with the usual mix of prepared and impromptu speaches, Table Topics and an interview with George Yen DTM.

We're expecting a lot of you to attend this meeting, so it'll also be a chance to network and catch up with friends. The official meeting will likely be followed by socializing in a nearby venue, so you may want to block the remainder of the evening in your schedule too.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame
Friday, November 25
18:30 - 20:00

The Hall of Fame is an opportunity for the district's past leadership team, led by Immediate Past District Director—Tuire Vuolasvirta DTM, to recognize achievements of the 2015/16 Toastmasters year. It's where we celebrate the best leaders from amongst us:

  • Directors of Distinguished Divisions,
  • Directors of Distinguished Areas, and
  • top contributors to last year's club growth.

Gala Dinner

Dining event at the Warsaw Plaza Hotel
Saturday, November 26

The traditional Gala Dinner brings together conference attendees after two intense days of debating, competing and learning. It's your time to catch up with the excellent people you haven't seen since the Spring 2016 District Conference in Timișoara and get to know those better whom you've just met over the weekend. We'll make sure the setting is just right, with fine cuisine, smooth drinks and vibrant music.

The Gala Dinner will take place in the main conference venue—the Warsaw Plaza Hotel. No need to travel any further than your hotel room to get changed. Dress as smartly as you wish!

Photo Booth

Photo booth sample

Pics or it didn't happen! We have just the right means for you to bring back memories from this fine weekend. A photo booth, operated by the folks from Fotki z Budki will be at your (and as many of your friends' you can fit into the picture) disposal. Take some people with you, grab some props, make funny faces or stay serious—all up to you.

The photos will be instantly printed and handed out to everyone in them. Additionally, they'll be available in digital form at Fotki z Budki's website after the event.