District Council Meeting

The DCM is the primary reason District conferences take place. It's where Toastmasters officers make decisions affecting the whole District and every single club within it. If you're an eligible officer—district-level, club President or VPE, please make sure you attend or assign your proxy vote. A quorum of at least half of the district's officers must be present for the meeting to take any binding decisions.

If you have any questions about the organization of the DCM, get in touch with the District's Administration Manager, Joanna Chmiel, listed on the side.

Saturday, November 26
13:15 - 15:45

The DCM will be chaired by the incumbent District 95 Director, Michał Talaga ACS, ALB.

Presentations & Minutes

The following documents are now available from the Fall 2017 DCM:

Proxy Assignment

If you're an officer eligible to vote at the DCM, but cannot attend personally, you should assign your proxy vote to another active member of your club, in good standing, so that they can make your voice heard. As they say, the absent have no voice.

With the DCM behind us, the proxy assignment form is now unavailable.

Previous District Council Meeting

The previous District Council Meeting took place at the Spring 2016 District Conference in Timișoara. As a refresher, here are the notes and reports from that meeting: