One of our highlights will be the District 95 finals of the Humorous Speech contest and Table Topics contest with the funniest speakers and the best on-your-feet thinkers of this part of the continent. This may well be the most exciting portion of the conference!


German Table Topics Contest

Friederike Galland ACS, CL
Berliner Redekünstler
Jörn Nagel
Ulmer Redespatzen
Andreas Fehrens ACG
Die Prager Toastmaster

German Humorous Speech Contest

Marek Schiffer CC
Steffen Grützki CC
Frank Lenßen
Rhetorik Club Wiesbaden

English Table Topics Contest

Stephanie Brush
Prague Business Toastmasters
Michael Hurst
Mercury Toastmasters
Ranjith Venkatesh CC, CL
Munich Prostmasters

English Humorous Speech Contest

Davis Golds CC
Riga Toastmasters
Peter Hajdu
Marc Schuck CC, CL
Nuremberg Toastmasters

Contest list

We'll be hosting the following contests during the conference:

  • Humorous Speech Contest, and
  • Table Topics Contest.

both in:

  • English, with semi-finals and finals, because so many of you will come to compete, and
  • German with finals only, but just as fierce a competition as in the other language.

For the exact placement of contests, as well as timing of stage visiting, judges' and contestants' briefings, see the conference Schedule.

Contestant registration discount

Contestants can register for the conference at a special price of €90—same as the limited Early Bird tickets. You can also attend the contest you're competing in for free, but you'll miss out on all the rest of the excellent workshops and the exciting Gala Dinner.

Briefings and stage visits

Both contestants and judges should attend their respective briefings, as per the Speech Contest Rulebook. You'll be informed about the contest protocol and most important rules, have a chance to ask any questions you may have. You will also be asked to submit relevant forms, accordingly:

Please have these forms ready and filled in when you attend your briefing. This will make processing paperwork much easier and faster.

You can also visit the room and stage you'll be competing on, to get a better grasp of the space. It's not mandatory, but very recommended.

For timing of briefings and stage visits check out the conference schedule. Note there are briefings on both Friday and Saturday for those days' contests. You will be required to attend briefings twice if you compete on both days.

Contest chairs

These fine folks have bravely stepped up to lead the contests during the conference:

    • Table Topics
    Clara Vincenc Cismaru ACS, ALB
    • Humorous Speech
    Dirk Brückner ACB, ALB
    • Table Topics
    Emilia Bradea ACB, ALB
    • Humorous Speech
    Joanna Chmiel DTM
    • Table Topics
    Michał Byrczek CC, ALB
    • Humorous Speech
    Naomi Carrington-Hockman ACS, ALS
    • Humorous Speech
    Piotr Chimko ACS, ALS
    • Table Topics
    Sajita Nair CC, CL