Your best place to stay for the conference weekend will be our host venue—the Warsaw Plaza Hotel. You'll be merely a few floors away from the events, so you can stay up in the evening, sleep in in the morning and still make it on time for all scheduled sessions.

There's naturally a special rate for conference attendees, but you have to be quick. Until August 31, 2016 all rooms are reserved for us only. After that, anyone may book the remaining rooms and they're likely to be gone quickly.

There are a few other hotels in the area, all within walking distance from our venue. We're negotiating with them currently to secure a good rate for you if you choose to book there.

A word of caution: actual prices in € may vary slightly because most hotels will charge you in PLN and the final price will depend on the exchange rate of the day.

Warsaw Plaza Hotel

Warsaw Plaza Hotel room
5 Łączyny Str.
elevator ride
€80 / double room
Promo code
  1. The code will add a discount only for bookings between November 24 and 27. If you'd like to arrive earlier or stay later, you can also book for the same discounted price, you must however do so by email at